Parent Testimonials

We are a Spanish/ Portuguese family and we lived in Demark for 3 years. We moved to Denmark due to my husband’s work.  It was a huge challenge move to such a different country compared to our home countries, and not only because of the weather😊. We moved to Denmark in July 2014 and left in July 2017.
When we arrived to NGG, our children couldn’t speak English, and in a couple of months, due to great teaching they quickly learned how to speak, and now English is closely their preferred language to communicate! Like a main language for them!
We loved the school atmosphere, is like a big family. Great teaching and a good and positive learning environment! During the time we were at NGG we were very active PA members. The atmosphere in the school was very positive which made learning fun for the kids.
The teachers were also very helpful especially at the beginning when Gonzalo and Sofia couldn’t speak English. The kids also made great friends and we miss the teachers and the school very much!

The Rodriguez Family (Alexandra, Jose Luis, Sofia and Gonzalo)


 “My three children attended NGG International School from 2013-2015 and thoroughly enjoyed their time there. The school understands the difficulties involved in an international move and quickly made my children feel at home by organizing social evenings, team-building trips and through the welcoming ethos of the school. The school is also welcoming to the whole family and has a PTA group and welcoming committee which assists newly-arrived parents. My children made good friends and had a lot of fun while they learned. The teachers make the school­­­ – and NGG teachers really are motivated, caring and deliver teaching of the highest quality. The school's common sense, no-nonsense approach helps children to move towards independence in a safe way and my children have benefitted greatly from their time at NGG. On our return to the UK, our children joined a state school and were placed in the top sets, having made huge progress with their teachers at NGG. The small class sizes at NGG allow teachers to get to know all children as individuals (including my twins), quickly get the measure of the children and ensure that the children work to the best of their ability. My children enjoyed many trips with the school and these trips were both educational and fun - and done in a very cost-effective way. The school provides education in English, with a global outlook, whilst offering the best of Denmark to students and their families. NGG International School was very important in making our stay in Denmark a pleasant one and our whole family has very happy memories of the school.”  
Jenny Craig 

“Moving to Denmark was a huge step for our family. We had always lived in England prior to this opportunity. David and I were excited about our new adventure, as were our two sons (then aged 1 & 7). 
We joined NGG International in the summer of 2011, after an extensive search of English-speaking schools in Denmark catering for the expat community. What set NGGI aside from other schools for us was the strong transferable curriculum, the good spirit within the school and one other element that's hard to put into words. I can only explain this as a feeling you sometimes get in the gut: "it just felt right". As a family, we were welcomed with open arms and greeted with kindness and professionalism on our first day of school. Our eldest son settled almost immediately into his new environment and thrived both socially and academically throughout the years. Our youngest son started in a Danish kindergarten initially and couldn't wait to join his big brother in 2014. Once he started in Early Years, he too thrived in his new environment. The children, my husband and I made many new friends at NGGI, and the family as a whole learned so much being part of NGGI and the international community in and around it.”  
Toni Bird