School fees

Please find our school fees in the table below.

School fees for students registered in years 1 -11*

1st child

DKK: 2.650,00 - 11 months per year 

2nd child

DKK: 2.250,00 - 11 months per year

3rd child

DKK: 1.750,00 - 11 months per year  

4th child


* Fees for Early Years are different.

To qualify for the fees above, each child must have a CPR number (Danish Personal Identification number) before the 1st September. 

Please be aware that if a student is enrolled after 5th September, the monthly school fee will be doubled for that school year.
This rule does not apply to Early Years.

Early Years: 

For children enrolled in early years, the monthly fee is 5100 DKK for 11 months of the year. Some Kommune (councils) offer a subsidy for the Early Years fees; this can be up to 70%. Please contact your Kommune to find out more.

Registration fee:

You can apply for a place for your child at NGGI through OpenApply. Once you have submitted all the relevant documents, you will be asked to pay a registration fee of 2000 DKK (non refundable) to complete the application.


Once we have offered your child a place at NGGI, parents are asked to pay a deposit of 3000 DKK to secure the place. This deposit will be returned after the child has left the school, all invoices have been paid and school books returned.

Payment of fees Fees for each child are paid monthly, by the first of each month in advance. Any late payments are subject to a late payment fee of 100 DKK.


Parents are asked to provide 1 clear calendar month’s written notice of withdrawal (this does not include the month in which the withdrawal is given). All fees will be charged through to the end of the notified month of withdrawal. Withdrawal forms can be found on Firefly or can be obtained from the front office.