School fees

School fees for student enrolled in Early Years

For students enrolled in early years the monthly fee is DKK 5.100,00, 11 months per year.
Students attending early years may be entitled to a subsidy from their local “Kommune” (Council). 

Please contact your “Kommune” and ask for a form to apply for “Fritvalgsordningen”. Complete the form and return it to your local “Kommune”. It is possible to get up to 70% in subsidies per month depending on which “Kommune” you live in. Please see the front office if you have any queries.

School fees for students registered in Year 1-11 

1st child

DKK: 2.500,00 - 11 months per year           (DKK: 2.650,- as of 1/2-2019) 

2nd child

DKK: 2.100,00 - 11 months per year           (DKK: 2.250,- as of 1/2-2019)

3rd child

DKK: 1.600,00 - 11 months per year           (DKK: 1.750,- as of 1/2-2019)

4th child


Please be aware that if a student is enrolled after 5th September, the monthly school fee will be doubled for that school year.


Please pay the fees monthly, by the first of the month and in advance, using the convenient PBS system, ask at your bank for details.

Payments must be made by the first of the month and in advance. Any payments received later than the due date will be subject to a DKK 100 late fee for each month late.


All students must pay a DKK 3.000 deposit upon being accepted at NGG International. Please note that NGG will return deposit within a year from date of demission (all school books must be returned in order to receive the full deposit).

If a student has received a reduction in the school fees from the school or from "Friends of NGG" - the deposit will not be reimbursed. Nor will the deposit be reimbursed i
f a student is accepted and enrolled at NGG International but does not start. 


All students must give 1 calendar month written notice of withdrawal. All fees will be charged through to the end of the notified month of withdrawal. 

Withdrawal Form 

Exit survey for parents