Webinar - find out what happens in Year 10 and 11

   Stephanie Beauvais

 Alex Gasche


Find out what happens in year 10 and 11


Join Stephanie and Alex, the year 10 teachers, for a webinar on Tuesday 15th May at 19:00 (CEST).   

Students at NGGI perform well at IGCSE. Last year our students achieved these impressive results:

  • 88% of our students obtained A*- C grades in the English as a First Language exam 
  • 90% of our students scored well in the A*- C range for Maths and
  • 5 students in Chemistry achieved A grades. 

Our students succeed for many reasons.  These include small class sizes and the excellent teaching from the year 10 and 11 teaching team.

To find out how your child can succeed at NGGI, join Stephanie and Alex for the webinar.  During the webinar you will be able to see and hear their powerpoint presentation and ask them questions online.  

It’s easy to register for the webinar, just sign up here.

Once you have signed up for the webinar, you will receive reminders of the date and time. 

We look forward to meeting you online!

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Karen Bøttger
Head of School