What do the students say?

"As our school is so small, everyone feels connected to each other. We are like a big family. We all care, lookout, and show happiness towards each other. it is honestly the best feeling you can have when you know you are safe among your fellow schoolmates". August, Year 10

"This is a caring school with caring teachers". Anton, Year 6

"There is a lot of teamwork and learning is always fun". Simon, Year 5

"I can express myself and learn things. I like the teachers because they teach in many different ways and we can choose which ways we like", Mike, Year 4

"NGG provides a fun learning environment where students from around the world can come and learn together. NGG is not just a school, it is a community". Rhys, Year 11

"The teachers are great at explaining things and are willing to take time to help, which has helped me learn a lot. The learning environment is very accepting so I'm not worried about participating in discussions. Going to an international school is very interesting because you get to learn about different cultures and meet people from around the world. Since everyone is from different places, they are all very welcoming. Some of my friends had started at NGGI without knowing much English, but they could speak English quite well in only a few months". Tina, Year 8