Before and After School Enrichment Programme

There are a range of enrichment opportunities offered by the teaching team in the hours before and after the official school day.  

These offers are entirely optional and may be an opportunity for students to delve deeper with their learning in an area in which they have a particular passion, or alternatively, to develop skills in an area where some extra time and focus could benefit learning in a positive way. 

For Primary students, these popular sessions are usually placed at the end of the school day and the emphasis is on learning and fun! Enrichments include sports, science ‘investigators’, maths games, choir, reading groups, French, and Arts and Crafts. 

Secondary students have the opportunity to go deeper with their learning and develop areas in which they have a particular passion. This could be in areas as diverse as dance, band or computer coding. 

Our Year 11 students are given the opportunity to participate in an annual Model United Nations conference.