Early Years follow the International Primary Curriculum Early Years Programme. Students in our Early Years class are aged 4-5. 

The learning journey in Early Years is based around cross-curricular topics, each of which lasts for about 6-8 weeks. These topics are usually based on a scientific, social, historical or geographical theme, which the children in class can relate to. The theme is then extended into the other areas of the curriculum, including reading, writing, communication skills, mathematics, creative development and physical development as well as personal, social and emotional development.  

Mathematics and Language Arts are also taught as discrete subjects with up to one hour being allocated to each subject per day in Early Years. 

Emphasis is placed on investigation and enquiry, and activities contain a practical element where the children are able to develop their natural curiosity while learning new skills and concepts. Key learning skills such as listening, speaking, concentration, persistence, and learning to work together and cooperate with other children are in focus. The development of early communication, reading, writing and number skills in the Early Years classroom will prepare children for the next stage in their Primary education.