Before and After School

Children from Early Years to Year 5 can be cared for from 07:30 to 17:00 at NIS.  Children can be dropped off from 07:30, school starts at 08.55. When school finishes at 14:40, the children can go to the after school clubs until they close at 17:00.

Children in Early Years enjoy a separate inside play area and playground.  They share this with the younger children in the Danish kindergarten.  This before and after school club, is called ‘Ællingen’ (Duckling in Danish). Healthy snacks and drinks are provided for the children. 

Children in years 1 to 5 are looked after in the afterschool club called ‘Svanereden’ (Swan’s nest).  At Svanereden, children enjoy the natural playground, games room, wood work area, Lego and craft areas.  During this time, children have the chance to play together and get to know each other better.  Healthy snacks and drinks are provided for the children. 

We also offer an enrichment programme called ‘Before and After School Enrichment’ (BASE).  Fun and exciting courses are offered by teachers and external instructors.  The activities run from September through to June. The children enjoy a range of activities including football, sport, dance, art, choir, band, coding, STEM Lego and languages.  Find out more.

We also offer Home Language Clubs for children to meet and practice their mother tongue with other children.  These free groups are run by volunteers and so far we have Russian, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil.   

Fees for the before and after school clubs and BASE are as follows:

Before School

07:00 to 08:55


Up to 6 hours – weekly


 714 DKK per month for 11 months.

Between the hours of:

14:40 to 17:00

1.020 DKK per month for 11 months.

Before and After School Enrichment (BASE)


Prices based on the activity.  Prices start from 550 DKK per term.

The fees for the before and after school clubs include following school holidays (apart from public holidays): autumn, Christmas, winter and Easter. Please note, Ællingen and Svanereden close between Christmas and New Year. During July, the clubs are open for two weeks only.