Exam results

We are very pleased that in our fourth year running the IGCSE examination we managed to see yet another year of incremental improvements in the results across the exam subjects. All of the Year 11 students that partook in the examination obtained 8 or more IGCSEs in a range of subjects, with one student passing 6 and two students passing 7.

Our results in English as a First Language and English as a Second Language (the latter taken mostly by students in the Danish department) remained steady at the very high level they were at in previous years, with 94% of the First Language students obtaining a grade within the A*-C range (a slight improvement from the already good results last year), with just three out of the 32 students taking English as a Second Language missing out on that range. In their foreign language IGCSE (Spanish or French), all but 3 students achieved a C or higher.

For various reasons the students had to work hard for their Chemistry and Physics results this year, with most of them still doing better than a C in either subject. In Mathematics a couple of students were just on the wrong side of the grade threshold, while others saw their hard work rewarded with a grade above expectations. A significant majority of students completed their IGCSE Mathematics course with a C or higher. 

Global Perspectives continued to be one of the students’ strongest subjects. Like last year, only four students finished it with a grade lower than a B, of which three students scored a C. The other (optional) Humanities subjects also maintained their strong results from previous years. Year on year, Business Studies is worldwide one of the most difficult subjects (lowest results on average), however our students can be proud with 5 out of 8 scoring a B or better. In History 3 out of 5 students managed to accomplish this as well.

As every year, we wish to recognise and celebrate these results. However, we are just as proud that our NGGI graduating students have been able to learn knowledge, skills and understanding on such a wide variety of topics, as well as having been well equipped for any of the future challenges they will face. We hope to catch up with them in a few weeks’ time when we invite them to return to our school once more to receive their IGCSE official certificates.