Life in Denmark

We are well aware that moving to another country is a huge change and challenge for all family members.

For our students, we are active in our collaboration with class-based parent groups to arrange social activities, enabling students to quickly establish friendships and enjoy shared positive experiences outside of the classroom.

Our active and supportive Parent Teacher Association (PA) is skilled at welcoming new families to the community and assisting in the practicalities that families face in moving to a new country. The NGG International community is warm, friendly and supportive.

The majority of NGG International families live in the areas close by the school and around the area north of Copenhagen.

Living in Denmark has a lot to offer - a work/life balance that is the envy of families of many countries, superb areas of natural beauty and a culture that celebrates the outdoor life.

The following links may be of help with the practical aspects of settling up a new home and life in Denmark:

Newcomers Guide for NGGI Families