School Trips

At NGG we love to travel, explore and experience new places and cultures. Study trips are a very important part of the NGGI learning experience.

Trips are always planned with the school year calendar in mind, to minimise the impact on lessons and learning, whilst enriching the learning experience in one or more subjects.

There will be costs involved in these trips.

We would like for every student to go on a trip, with their class.

  • Year 1 and 2 - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Year 3 - Helsingør, Denmark
  • Year 4 - Roskilde, Denmark
  • Year 5 - Kerteminde, Denmark
  • Year 6 - Svendborg, Denmark
  • Year 7 - Bornholm, Denmark
  • Year 8 & 9 - Krakow, Poland
  • Year 10 - Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Year 11 - Budapest, Hungary

Travel Insurance 

The school has taken an insurance policy with GOUDA for all students/teachers when they travel in the North, Europe and the world. The policy number is: DK 4709943. It will cover 100% but the student has to bring the blue card for EU countries, and the yellow card for Nordic travel.

Gouda Travel insurance will make sure that you are 100% covered in case of expenses to hospital and for home transport.

The school does NOT hold a general cancellation insurance

Please find the insurance policy details below.

Gouda Insurance Policy - Students