School Life

Life at High School is never boring. There is a great atmosphere, lots of ​​exciting events and wonderful traditions that make your high school years completely unique. You know everyone and you make strong friendships for life. “The atmosphere at our school is almost like a boarding school, everyone knows everyone else, and talk to everyone, even across the year groups”
Christian, 1.v

With us you will be welcomed with open arms.

When you start at NIS's high school, you will quickly become part of our unique community. Your tutors have tailored an introductory course for all new students, and we make sure you get a good and fun start at NIS. We will also help you establish friendships in your new class and across classes and age groups. We look forward to getting to know you.  “The togetherness at NGG is amazing because everyone knows everyone”. 
Rasmus, 3.x

There is always something going on at NIS. Events, parties and traditions, together with the Danish gymnasium make your high school years with us completely unforgettable.

Studying at NIS is much more than learning. We love good parties, café evenings, cinema trips, concerts and other social events. Every year in March, a joint gala party is held for the high school. It is a fantastic party with both dinner, entertainment and the dance “Les Lanciers”, which we promise you that you will learn.

At the beginning of the school year, everyone is invited to NGG/NIS's big sports day with, among other things, football and volleyball, and in January, NGG/NIS's high school championship in indoor football is held. The championship is for everyone, even those who are not active football players. For the finals in the afternoon, there is a café and a great atmosphere.

At NGG/NIS we have both open-door parties where you can invite friends and closed parties for NGG/NIS's students only. It is the students themselves who arrange the many parties and cafes, which often have fun themes and creative elements.

Of course, important sports matches are also given high priority. Here, those who want get together in front of the big screen with excitement, flags and cheering.

After the final exams in the Diploma Programme, our new graduates celebrate with a hat, festive graduation and truck ride.  

At NIS, we love to travel, explore and experience. That is why study trips are something very special here at NIS.

Immediately after you start high school, NIS invites you on a 3-day introductory tour. The focus is teambuilding with your new classmates, and in addition to social activities, your new teachers will be in charge of kick-starting your academic journey.

One of the most popular traditions at NIS is the trip in week 4 to Norway for all first year learners. The tradition goes all the way back to the first class of 1986. Many students participate without ever having had skis on their feet before. Yet the vast majority come home as skiers who can take even the most difficult slopes. On the trip you receive instruction based on your level, and you can choose alpine, snowboard and cross-country skiing. Fun NIS championships in slalom and jump are held, and in the evening there is a nice gathering where we sing and perform for each other.

Later on, you join an exciting study trip to a destination that makes sense in relation to your field of study. We believe that the motivation to explore and learn becomes greater when the study trip goes to an exciting place. 

At NIS, we do everything we can to offer all the exciting subjects that our students want.

As we are a private high school, we are not bound by minimum class size. Sometimes we actually have subjects classes with only one or two students. Depending on your field of study, you can choose between a number of different subjects and levels and thus help to shape your own professional profile within what interests you.  "For me NGG is my second home" Noor, 2.y

All students must reach their full potential. That is why NIS offers special academic offers for the extra ambitious and talented students.

Our high school is a place for everyone, including you who can and want even more. Therefore, there are many offers that can challenge current and future talents with special interests in language, science or other of the high school's exciting subjects. This can be a good start to a life as a university student in Denmark or abroad.

NGG/NIS also participates in the "Akademiet for Talentfulde Unge" which you can be nominated for if you are among the academically strong learners. If you follow the modules in all three high school years, you will receive a well-deserved diploma issued by the Ministry of Education.

If you have a researcher or inventor hidden in you, you can participate together with other of the country's high school students in "Projekt Forskerspirer" or "Unge Forskere", where NGG students have won many great awards. We are also a member of Science Talenternes Gymnasienetværk (Science Talents of Danish High School Network), which gives you the opportunity to participate in many exciting lectures and projects.

We want to give you options - you who are talented and who will make an effort to become even more skilled !

NIS is a private-owned high school where students' ideas quickly become a reality.

That is why we also have a very active and influential student council that helps to make your time in high school even better. Everyone has the opportunity to join the student council if they are elected by their class. The student council has a close relationship with teachers and Leadership, and therefore it does not take long for a good idea to emerge until it has been implemented. We are a private high school, and that also means that we decide for ourselves how we want to use our resources. Therefore, you can also help to develop the high school in the direction you want.

At NIS, we deliberately have fewer students in each class. We believe this provides better unity and more room for professionalism, development, creativity, and friendship. 

Combine your education with your interest in sports and music.

Are you talented in sports or music? At NIS, you can develop your talents while getting your Diploma. We call the schemes Sports College and Music Academy. NIS provides elite coaches and skilled well-trained music teachers, and you get help to prioritize your time so that your talent development does not go beyond your education. Participation does not mean that you must unsubscribe from your current club or team - on the contrary!