Student stories

Why did Amalie and Zoe choose an IB?

Amalie – studying medicine today

Advantages of doing the IB: 

  • Your English skills are very good. Most books and all scientific articles in medical school are in English. This means language will not be a barrier to learning the curriculum, which will make it much easier to pick up new material and follow along in lectures. 
  • You will be used to pick up new material fast. 
  • You will be good at remembering what you learn. Since the IB does not allow you to bring notes to exams you will be well prepared for this at university. 
  • Your science and math skills will be very good compared to many other students. Furthermore, having learned the sciences and scientific terms in English is a major advantage!

Disadvantages of doing the IB – but also when doing stx:

  • It is hard to get high marks – you must work hard
  • You might have to do a GSK course to get the required level of maths/science/language.  It all depends on your choices

Zoe – studying social science at Roskilde University

“I would highly recommend the IB diploma program, as it gives you a broad scope of in depth knowledge, trains you to have a rigorous work ethic and inspires you to think globally”