How do we learn at NGG International School?

During these important years, teachers strive to produce active, engaged and motivated learners. We believe that students who are enjoying their learning learn more.

Ensuring optimum progress in Language Arts and Mathematics is a fundamental focus at NGG International Primary. We believe attention to these key learning areas is essential. The children participate in daily Language Arts (which encompasses reading and writing) and Mathematics lessons, applying skills, knowledge and understandings from these key curriculum areas across all aspects of the curriculum.

In addition to studying the core subjects of Mathematics and Language Arts, students become immersed in integrated studies through the IPC units of work and are increasingly able to work using a variety of resources and technology, in a continuous research and record cycle. 

Our hosts country language, Danish, is taught throughout Primary. The aim is that all students will be able to understand and converse in the Danish language, and to develop skills in reading and writing. Students are grouped according to Danish language proficiency from Year 3. 

We believe in the importance of building a solid foundation in Science during Primary school years, based on the process of scientific investigation. Students learn how to observe, classify, explore, predict, test, modify and apply their understanding to reach conclusions and interpret data. Students develop skills in scientific investigations of physical phenomena, living things, and earth and its surroundings.

In the subjects areas of History, Geography and Society we aim to develop the values, attitudes, skills, knowledge and understandings that will enhance students' sense of personal identity, community identity and of their home country and global identity. We aim to enable them to participate proactively in maintaining and improving the quality of their society and environment.

The children have the benefit of specialist teachers with a passion for their subject in the curriculum areas of Physical Education, Art, Music and Danish.

Skills in ICT are taught explicitly and then applied across the curriculum.

By offering a broad range of learning experiences, NGG International strives to provide an enriched learning environment that enhances the overall development of each student, cognitively, emotionally, socially and physically.

Outside the Classroom

Classroom learning is supported by regular day trips in the local area. Many classes will offer an annual overnight trip of 1-3 nights duration, with Denmark.

Parental collaboration

Parents are regularly welcomed into the Primary classrooms to share in the child's learning journey and a positive parent-teacher dialogue is actively encouraged.