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Our Shared Vision
"NGGI students are active in shaping their own learning, strive to reach their potential and aim to be respectful, responsible global citizens of tomorrow". This is supported by the IPC Personal Goals in the Primary School and the Cambridge Learner Attributes in the Secondary School.
NGG International School has been awarded IPC accreditation, where the high quality of student learning has been recognised. We are very proud 👏🏻 Read more here:
3i on Amager. Learning about creepy crawlies. Lots of communication and cooperation were used during their 3 days in and around Amager.#ngginternational,#ngginternationalschool
A shared vision about the kind of students we are helping to develop.This is a comment from people who have been in Roskilde during the 4i trip.
‘Hello NGG school.
I am writing to you after seeing a group from your school at Roskilde harbour on Thursday evening.
The behaviour of the children was very impressive and was something my whole family noticed as we sat beside to eat. The teacher responsible talked to the children before they left about cleaning up after themselves in such a wonderful way and you could see that they really looked up to him.
It was such a lovely thing to see I thought I had to write and tell you.
Best regards,
Samantha McCarthy’
#ngginternational, #ngginternationalschool