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Santa Lucia parade and December Hygge.Thanks to the NGG International Parent Association(PA) for organising the Hygge with aebleskiver,gløgg and chocolate milk!
Congratulations to Milepost 3 for their 1st prize in the Jule Basar for the best completed and decorated Activity in the whole of NGG(Danish+International)!!The Underwater Adventure Lottery had all the Milepost 1 and 2 upcoming, young Artists very busy painting and designing beautiful fishes, sharks and jelly fish for the decoration. Resilience and cooperation were a few of the Learning Goals present during this project.
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Underwater Adventure Art Assembly, where Milepost 1 and 2 could show off their beautiful and creative fishes! 4i won the prize for the Class who has donated the most presents/prizes for the Underwater Adventure Lottery activity! Congratulations to 4i!

'Dear Parents,
Milepost 3 children and their teachers would like to thank you for your generous donations for the Underwater Adventure Lottery activity in Jule Bazaar. The great number of prizes kept us busy and our customers excited! Thank you for your wonderful cooperation and support!'