Welcome to NGG International

Students at NGG International experience the ‘best of both worlds’, global and local: they follow an internationally-recognized curriculum and are part of a supportive international community, whilst being able to experience aspects of life in a Danish private school and its many traditions and events.

As well as a rigorous foundation in core subjects, students at NGG International are able to pursue their chosen academic interests; within Sciences or Arts. Our goal is to prepare students for the next stages of international education. 

Learning is central to everything we do at NGG International. We are a strong community of learners: students and teachers alike. The learning that takes place is about much more than subject-knowledge; our learning goals also focus strongly on personal development and growth. We know that we have the responsibility to help students make decisions with moral direction. Equipping students with strong personal and inter-personal skills and a sound international mindset is central to our purpose. 

NGG International is one of the top international schools in Denmark. We are ambitious as a school, and ambitious for our students. All students will reach their full potential in a challenging and nurturing environment. NGG International is a small department with a strong sense of community and small class sizes, which means we know our students well, and can cater to their needs accordingly. 

Whether your stay in Denmark is short- or longer term, we look forward to welcoming you to NGG International – a school where you will all make friends for life. 

Claus Reinholdt Campeotto