Meet one of our NIS families

Meet a NIS family

At NIS we have families from all over the world. They each represent different cultural backgrounds and paths in life but what all our families have in common is the wish to have a few or many years of good experiences in Denmark. xxxxx

Meet the O’Regan Chivite Family (Brendan, Mayte, Sofia, Pablo and Andres)

“We are an Irish / Spanish family and have lived in Denmark for the last two and a half years. My husband works in the pharmaceutical industry.  Moving to Denmark, I would say was a little daunting at the start (sorting out housing, CPR numbers, schools etc.) but after the initial phase, including an exceptionally warm welcome from students, teachers and parents at school, life thankfully has become quite pleasant and relaxed.  Living close to the school also allows us to take advantage of the excellent and safe cycle paths, which the whole family greatly enjoys.”

Meet the Völkers Family (Emile, Mariska, Anne-Sophie and Daniël) 

“We are from the Netherlands and have lived in Rungsted Kyst, by the sea, since spring 2015. Emile, my husband, works for the Dutch construction company Mobilis/TBI. We love Rungsted Kyst, because of the space, the beautiful surroundings (proximity to the sea and forest) and also because it is perfect for travel – only 4 km to school and 25 km to the centre of Copenhagen. Although we can bike, we prefer taking the car to school. Our daughter, Anne-Sophie, loves NIS because she has friends from all over the world and because of the nice after school activities, especially the sports club! I study Danish during the day and has been an active member of the school PTA.”