What do parents say about us

What do parents say about us

Our parents speak very fondly of NIS. These quotes come from a parent survey.

“It is an excellent school to send your child to. The kids are learning, they are having fun while doing so. The teachers are very engaged and committed to what they do.

It has a very international environment where differences are appreciated”.

“Very friendly for students and parents, kids love NIS”.

“We really like the school atmosphere; it is like a big family. Teachers are very friendly and always open to talk with parents. Karen Bøttger (Head of School) has always her office open to the families”.

“Our daughter is excited to go to school every day. In the afternoon she is very willing and motivated to share what she learned and lots of times will repeat at home what she learned in class”.

“They love all of it. Their teachers have been amazing, the community is so welcoming and the activities they do each day they really enjoy. They have become happier children since being at NGG and they think it's the best school in the world. Which makes me and my husband extremely happy”.

“There is a very friendly and positive atmosphere at NIS, and there are a lot of social events for the families outside of school, which is nice for foreign families who don't have social connections in Denmark”.