Primary School

Learning with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) means that children focus on a stimulating, and challenging, combination of academic, personal and international learning objectives.

The aim of the IPC is to help every child enjoy learning a wide range of subjects, and to develop an inquiring mind. There is also strong focus of developing personal attributes that will help throughout teenage and adult years, and on developing a personal sense of national and cultural identity, whilst simultaneously developing a profound respect for the nationalities and cultures of others. Throughout IPC approach to learning, children develop the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to face the word of tomorrow with competence and confidence.

The International Primary Curriculum continues to be developed to ensure that children are learning a current and highly relevant curriculum based on the very latest research into the brain and the increasing understanding of how children learn.

The International Primary Curriculum is used in schools all over the world; currently nearly 1,800 national and international schools in over 90 countries.

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