Year 2

Year 2 (6-7 years)
“I love the effervescence and excitement that Year 2 children always have. Their limitless enthusiasm for everything we learn really makes me proud of the progress they make. I love being able to facilitate the learning of a whole theme through the various lenses of different subjects. The children become real experts in the different aspects of what they are learning”.

Year 2 builds on the great learning experiences our children have had in Year 1. In Year 2 the children extend the knowledge, skills and understanding they built in all of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) subject areas as well as the foundational reading and writing skills that come in Year 1. Find out more about what happens in Year 2 by listening to our webinar by Louise Norup (Former Year 2 class teacher).

Whether the children are learning about buildings, nature, fashion or the brain, the children are always excited and enthusiastic and love to find out new things! In Maths, children develop more fluency with basic number skills and we introduce them to some more complex operations, as well as extend their problem solving skills.

Our children are developing independence and, at this crucial stage, are learning the skills of working with a variety of other people. It is important that our children learn to show a profound respect and understanding of difference. Throughout this time the children are working out what each of the 8 IPC personal goals are and why they are important. It is in this milepost that the scene is set for the rest of primary so there is a lot of emphasis on why these characteristics are helpful to have as a learner and how they are lifelong learning skills as well.

All Dressed Up Case Study.

In this unit, our children look at textiles and the many forms it takes. This vast area of knowledge is looked at through the lenses of science, geography, art, technology, history, society and international. We look at how different textiles are made and how these processes affect what types of clothing they become used for. We also learn about how clothing is different in different parts of the world and why this might be.

We use Doodle Maths online learning platform and Raz-kids our online learning programmes, to allow the children practise at home in English and Maths.

Every week Teacher April Bloom writes a blog for the parents. In it she explains what the children have studied and inserts photographs so you can see for yourself. April reports back to the parents on each child’s progress in December and May then meets with parents in September, January and June.

Year 2 join Year 1 on an overnight trip to Copenhagen. Your child will see the sights, take a boat trip, enjoy a disco and sleep at school overnight.

Our webinars, hosted by NIS teachers, explain more about each year group in more detail. Find the Year 2 webinar here.