Year 6

Year 6 (10-11 years)
“I want my students to feel safe and secure in my classroom, so they can strive to do their best knowing whatever happens, I will be there to support and encourage them. Learning to try, make mistakes and learn from them is crucial if they are to succeed in the classroom and of course life”.

Year 6 is the transitory year before secondary. We encourage our students to take ownership of their learning by becoming independent learners. Our students develop a deeper level of understanding, consolidate their knowledge and prepare for the next important step. In practice this means the students check our online system, Firefly, for home learning assignments by themselves and manage their own time.

In English, we encourage our students to use ambitious vocabulary, more complex sentence structures, clauses and conjunctions to develop their writing skills. Students might research an author and explore all about their life using a variety of different sources. When researching for a topic we ask our students to use a wide variety of sources, not just the internet. Students might consult primary source, which could be a parent or grandparent, and combine this with research from books and the internet.

In Maths, geometry, data handling, algebra and number are consolidated ready for the move to secondary. Both English and Maths at NIS are benchmarked to the National curriculum of England and Wales.

International Primary Curriculum - Fairgrounds Case Study.

Maths, physics and business skills are developed in this module as our students research and build fairground rides and write a business plan for the overall theme park. They need to understand the physics of the rides so they can explain to parents at the end how it actually works. It’s a very hands on module where students work together in teams.

Our Celebration of Learning.

This series of presentations to the student’s families showcase all the students have learnt in primary and celebrates the progress they have made. Student demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have gained using the IPC personal goals of Cooperation, Respect and Thoughtfulness.

Playground champions.

As role models for the rest of primary, our Year 6 students act as Playground champions every day. After training on conflict resolution and first aid, our students perform this role with relish and set an excellent example for our younger children. It gives them an opportunity to put all the IPC personal goals into action.

In Year 6 we use Doodle Maths online learning platform, our online Maths software, for home learning in Maths. Other home learning is focused on individual and group project work.

Every week Joanna write a blog for parents so she can share the progress made each week. Parents are also kept up to date with progress through written reports in December and May. Parent consultations take place in September, January and June.

Our trip in the spring term takes Year 6 to Svendborg, Fyn for two nights. Guest speakers are invited to talk on a range of issues related to IPC units. These are local issues with global approaches. Recent highlights have included an architect from the local community who explained the extraordinarily lengths the local Kommune have gone to ensure a zero percent impact of the new hospital building.

Transition to Secondary School.

To understand how our Secondary school is different from Primary, we organise taster sessions and a Questions and Answer sessions for Year 6 students with the students from the year above. We also organise an information session for parents.