Year 3 (7-8 years)

“I was attracted to teach at NIS because of the International Primary Curriculum. It’s a holistic approach which instils a sense of responsibility in the children beyond themselves. Now I’m here, I enjoy teaching through the different lenses so the children see beyond their own viewpoint”.

Pete Tunna, Year 3 teacher at North Zealand International School.

Year 3 consolidates all the great learning in previous years then extends it. The children might study Chocolate, Volcanoes, Material World or Digital gaming and use these topics as a framework for learning English, Maths, Geography, History and science. Our Year 3 class work collaboratively with Year 4 and so the children can learn from the older children and form wider friendship circles.

Year 3 is step up for the children, we encourage them to take responsibility and they rise to the challenge. We focus on team working and understanding their personal goals to help them succeed.

In English, the children are given word patterns so they learn to spell in a structured way. First, the children use puzzles or quizzes before a focus exercise later in the week. We make learning Maths enjoyable and easy for our children through games and activities often focusing on shape, place value and number skills.We look at each child’s skills and abilities so within the class each child is stretched and nurtured according to their ability through differentiated learning. The international aspect of our class can be challenging for our children but it is very rewarding and widens their perspective. Examples of this might include writing a book with poetry referencing chocolate or building a volcano to understand the processes.

Chocolate Case Study.

In the chocolate module, our students write poems about chocolate for a class book, draw illustrations, write musical jiggles, design their own chocolate packaging and create their own chocolate. At the end of the module, the parents are invited in to see all the great work the students have produced.

Every week Pete write a blog for the parents which shares what the children have learnt in class. It includes photographs and their home learning activities. Like in all the other years, in Year 3 we use IXL,  and Raz-kids our online learning programmes, to allow the children to practice at home in English and Maths.

To keep parents informed of each child’s progress, Pete writes a report in December and May each year. He then meets with parents in September, January and June.

Year 3 have a great class trip. They stay in a youth hostel in Amager and visit all the local attractions to find out more about Danish history.