Year 4 (8-9 years)

“Capturing the enthusiasm, love of learning and energy is what Year 4 is about. We develop a deeper level of thinking in Year 4, pushing the students to become confident, challenge ideas, change, innovate and tackle the big international world problems. Their hunger and passion for learning grows and evolves throughout Year 4. Our students are always eager to come to school and share their new learning. What we offer is a rigorous, exciting and motivating learning environment that children can shine in!”

Amy Jensen & Connor McKeever, Year 4 teachers at North Zealand International School.

Year 4 extends and develops the knowledge, skills and understanding that has been previously taught in Year 3. In Year 4, we add more pieces to the jigsaw that is primary learning, linking in prior learning, as well as stretching and building in new concepts.

The International Primary Curriculum we use at North Zealand International School allows us to engage our students with thought provoking issues, such as deforestation or using less plastic. The curriculum we teach is on a 2-year cycle, which means the students are continuously learning about different areas. Whether the learning is about Explorers, Materials or even Digital games, the students are always striving to do their best and develop their understanding. Our Children learn about the topic in all subject areas including English, Maths, Science, Music, Danish, P.E. and Art to give them a truly integrated learning experience. The curriculum we offer is rigorous, allowing all students to develop and succeed at their own pace.

Rainforest Case Study.

The students are immersed in their learning from the beginning as the classroom transforms into a living, breathing tropical rainforest, with the smells and sounds transporting them to the heart of the forest. Year 4 learners explore this rainforest learning journey through a variety of lenses, whether it be finding and comparing rainforests around the world as Geographers or Conservationists or trying to find innovative ways to protect the lungs of the earth when they are tackling global problems in International studies. Not only do the students learn new knowledge related to the rainforest, they are also practicing skills such as planning, designing and building eco-friendly huts as Technologists.

Understanding is shown when debating about deforestation, with learners being able to use the Knowledge and Skills they have developed to explain the effects this is having on the planet. The learning is always memorable, allowing learners to use the transferable skills for later learning throughout their life. Our Units really do promote lifelong learning.

Our level of Maths and English is benchmarked to the English National Curriculum. In Maths, our students are working through the times tables and in English understanding more grammar.

To support their learning at home, we use online software to allow our students to practise what they have learnt in class. We use IXL in Maths and Razz Kids in English as a way for the students to practice vital skills. Allowing the students to learn online is vital with the technological changes of our ever-changing world and we ensure that E-safety is a key component to any online content.

Every week, Amy and Connor email the parents a blog, which has photographs of what the children have been learning, explains what has been taught and lists the home learning. The blog helps parents engage with their child’s learning. To keep parents abreast of each child’s progress, Amy and Connor write a report in December and May each year. Parents can then meet with Amy and Connor to discuss targets and progress in September, January and June.

The Year 4’s embarks on an exciting overnight trip to Roskilde. Linked to the unit Adventurers and Explorers, the students explore the rich Danish heritage and learning about the past. The overnight trip further builds the confidence, enquiry and independence that runs throughout Year 4.